The kinetic ability to manipulate solar energy. A sub-power of Psychokinesis, Asterokinesis, Cosmokinesis and the opposite of Menekinesis.

Sunfire is a notable user of this ability.

Kinetic Ability to:

Manipulate solar energy

Also CalledEdit

  • Stellakinesis
  • Solukinesis


With this ability,the user can control all aspects of a sun, ranging from extreme heat and light, gravitational and magnetic field,and even have some degree of manipulation of nuclear energy. Furthermore the user has control over solar flares, storms, and UV light production.


Kinetic TechniquesEdit

  • ​Pyrokinesis
  • Gyrokinesis
  • Photokinesis
  • Nucleokinesis
  • Magnokinesis
  • Ionikinesis
  • Radiokinesis
  • Cosmokinesis

Battle TechniquesEdit

  • Immunity to Sun-based attacks
  • Mini Solar Flares
  • Mini Suns

At high level:

  • Black Hole/White Hole Creation
  • Supernova Inducement
  • Quintekinesis

Can develop into Cosmokinesis


  • Opposed by Menekinesis
  • Lack of control can lead to devestating effects throughout the universe

Heliokinetics' PersonalityEdit

"The Sun is associated with the conscious ego, the self and its expression, personal power, pride, and authority; leadership qualities; and the principles of creativity, spontaneity, health, and vitality", so Heliokinetics are generally charismatic and good leaders, as well as being creative.

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